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What will transportation look like in the future? It will probably be very different than today. You might have heard about some variation of Hyperloop technology. In a loop network, pressurized tubes use magnetic levitation ( maglev ) technology to propel pods across land at the speed of a plane. This is a fascinating idea, but the reality is that it would be costly and time-intensive to establish even a nationwide network, let alone worldwide. However, the goals of a Hyperloop system are admirable: less air pollution, reduced traffic congestion, and the ability to live further away from city centers.

Hyperloop innovation would work for domestic travel, but what if you want to travel to the other side of the world? The infrastructure would have to be fully deployed, and it would still take a while. The solution is intellectually simple and physically possible, tunneling through the Earth. One could use similar pods outfitted differently, and instead of air pressure and magnetic levitation, the propulsion system would be gravity. Gravity would accelerate the pod and then decelerate the pod as one approached the surface. A person could be anywhere on the planet with a tunnel depot in about an hour.

Both of these technologies are still in development but combined with Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) and autonomous vehicles ( AVN ), they could revolutionize the way human commute and travel long distances.




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